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Lyndsay Price is a Liverpool based spoken word artist with an interest in how art can be used as a tool to ignite social change.

Lyndsay writes mainly about: friendship, relationships, sexuality, fake news and 90’s movies. Brutally honest and almost aggressively vulnerable at times. Lyndsay’s work often takes on a philosophical nature, nearly always underpinned with an ounce of hope. She is inspired by the things that make us human, and spends her days attempting to name the feelings that often leave us speechless. 

Lyndsay has been actively contributing to the poetry community in Liverpool and further afield for the last seven years. Her career trajectory has since polished her into a well-rounded facilitator, performer, event organiser and host. Her night Rhymes & Records ran for two years at The Jacaranda, collaborated with both FACT Liverpool and Liverpool Pride and was commended as one of the tops arts things to do in Liverpool in August 2018. Her course Find Your Voice first ran for 10 weeks as an exploration in spoken word and poetry and has since been continuously developed.

In 2020 Lyndsay was accepted onto the artist development programme Queer Bodies, a project ran with support from Homotopia festival. During this unique mentorship experience, she produced her first e.p, a piece of work exploring the multifaceted nature of queerness. 

She has worked closely with Writing on The Wall over the years, bringing spoken word workshops to a wide variety of communities, performing as part of their annual festival, delivering on their Superhero’s of Slam project and being lead artist for Liverpool on I Know I Wish I Will, a nationwide schools project cumulating in a national poetry slam. Lyndsay has created commissioned poems for a range of organisations, including cruise Liverpool, where she was asked to create poetry for three major cruise ships that came into the city. She’s also created commissioned poetry for Birmingham Bullring on behalf of Beatfreeks. Lyndsay has also delivered projects for Liverpool City Council, Impacts 18 (Conference for Capital of Culture), Wigan City Council, Writing on The Wall, Rapid Response Unit, Liverpool Pride, Liverpool Queer Collective and Merseyside Young People’s Association. 

Notable performances have been at The Axis Slam (guest judge) The Wordsmith Live, Sound City, Threshold Festival, The Last Word (support act for Debris Stevenson) A Lovely Word, Pub Poets, Spoken Weird, Writing on The Wall Festival, Light Night, Homotopia Festival and Fables Festival (Edge Hill Literary Fest) Recently appearing in Bido Lito Magazine as a featured artist, Lyndsay has also had poetry published in What’s Your Pride Story by Writing on The Wall, Scorchin Mag, Womanly Words by Shakti Women and Liverpool Luna Collective.

Aside from poetry, Lyndsay worked for three years as supervisor and children’s storyteller for The Readers Storybarn. Her work involved programming events, planning seasonal content and being judged by small children on her lack of dinosaur knowledge. The amount of workshops ran and children worked with is now into the 1000’s! 

“Lyndsay is a thought-provoking poet whose stage presence is equally enigmatic and powerful. A natural performer, she has an innate ability to speak directly to others through her personal musing. Every piece is beautifully constructed and considered. Floral, thoughtful and introspective (with a little grit -when needed!)”

Katie Nicholson

“Within her gentle voice there is an undercurrent of raw strength, as she delivers her beautifully crafted poetry with poise and power” 

Rose Condo

“A true poet and spoken word performer. If the heart were an instrument, Lyndsay would know just how to play its strings.” 

Matty “Delboy” Delaney


Most recent performances: We Want Women showcase, A Lovely Word, The Wordsmith Live, Wildnerness Hair Launch, Don’t Leave The Party Early (Gen & The Degenerates)

commissioned poetry

Created poetry for: Cruise Liverpool, Impacts 18 (Capital of Culture Conference) Beatfreeks/Birmingham Bullring, Liverpool City Council, Wigan City Council, RRU News, in addition to personal commissions for birthdays, weddings, christenings, funerals etc.


Hosted Rhymes & Records, a monthly poetry night for two years. Currently co-hosting A Lovely Word Online.

events & workshops

Experienced events organiser, including a monthly poetry night for 2 years, a networking event for queer creatives, a collaboration with FACT Liverpool, a fundraiser for Liverpool Pride. Experience workshop facilitator, working with a variety of ages, community’s, needs, disabilities and skill levels.

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