Old Journal Entries

I hope you’re all having a happy Easter if you’re celebrating.

Today I was looking through some old journal entries on my laptop and found some things I couldn’t help but share.

The quotes below really range in terms of time frame. All are from 2014 onwards and were written at separate times.

I was a lot younger then (in my mind more so than actual age) Some of these conjure up a little groan of embarrassment however mostly,  I really am surprised by the depth in my own thinking back during a time where I seemed quite disconnected in hindsight.

I suppose they were the sort of thing I didn’t really know what to do with once I had wrote them. I didn’t turn them into poems or essays, they sort of just stayed. I enjoyed what I had written but I wasn’t sure how to present them to others or in what form etc. I suppose now a blog post feels like the right place to honour some of my favourites.

I hope you take something from them, (I hope I take something from remembering them too) and I hope you enjoy the rare luxury of getting to take a peek inside what a girl writes in her bedroom all alone on a Sunday.

Enjoy the following excerpts.


I want to feel free. I want to be standing at the top of a mountain and I want to feel the wind in my hair. I want to hear beautiful music and I want to be in complete awe of life and the world. I want to feel alive. I want to feel beauty. I want to be held by someone who loves me. I want to look in their eyes. I want to lay on the grass. I want to feel nature against my skin. I want to feel the earth breathing beneath me. I want to smile at the animals and the insects. I want to feel part of it all. I want us all to feel as though we are all together. I want to feel part of the atmosphere. I want to feel part of the droplets of rain. I want to feel the suns rays. I want to feel the bark in the trees. We are all one. ❤ if you don’t like it that’s fine. But I have felt moved by moments of divine beauty. And these moments are what keep me breathing.


Sometimes you need those late nights of bohemian art and creativity. Those late nights of solitude, never lonely cause you have a thousand thoughts to comfort you. Spending quality time with the universe is what you need totally. Not even caring that you’re cold, cause the words give you your warmth back anyway. The vibe in my room is peaceful and serene and present. The vibe my room gives off tells me the time is now.


I can visualise a nice life, somewhere hot, somewhere I get to decorate my own little patch and call it home. Somewhere I can invite poets and lovers and friends into my little world. Where they will see me running around, being myself, incense burning, some sort of soulful music playing, windows open, letting a breeze in, herbal tea brewing, I’m wearing something that floats around my feet and have my legs out, skin all tanned from the sunshine, we eat healthy food and tell each other what we’re thankful for. I’m like a whirlwind, all poems and tattoos, the living room floor is littered with them, I’m typing on my typewriter, there is beauty and religion everywhere, and they are just taking it all in. This is how I show people my essence. And until I’m there, I will not feel completely right. Not when I know deep down the person I could definitely be. I’ve just created such a beautiful picture for myself.

Don’t ever be less than what you’re supposed to be.


Do not try to replicate or mimic. Listen, absorb and learn. Then allow yourself to unlearn and forget as you continue to experience life while living in the present and living in the light. Some lessons only serve a purpose for a short period of time. All the information and soul energy that you absorb will benefit you fully in the moment that you receive it. All the important stuff will become imbedded into your DNA naturally. Anything else, feel free to let go of. There might be some lessons/forms of consciousness or other-worldly experiences that you must be exposed to on your own. You must feel them yourself. So that is why any of the other information may perhaps not stick; because you yourself are currently not in the right position to begin to learn said lesson. Or experience whatever it is. Love them fully. Thank them for stopping by to say “hi” on your journey. Don’t try to contrive anything, or make anything fit anything other than your soul’s utter need and desire at that time. Don’t listen to logic. Take out the poisons from your life and your brain. Love everything. Nurture your soul.

I am important. I am valid. I am vital.


Life Is Amazing.

Thank you, Universe.

For teaching me how to love harder than anything. Or anyone.

Please continue to love me, to bless me, to help me live in the light. Thank you so much for your beauty. I have far to go. But I’m there. I’m exactly right where I need to be. I love my life more than I ever imagined I could. Exciting things are about to happen. But I love myself, my shell and my life.

Nav and Jason and Charlie have all taught me so much about myself…. ❤

They have all existed to show me lessons, to guide my heart, to teach me how to love, to let me know that I wasn’t alone, to expand my mind, to show me a level of consciousness that I not currently fully comprehend…. I love them all. ❤ ❤ ❤


Keep asking questions and waiting for answers.

And thats the end for now! I’d love to know if any of these resonated with you. I thought they were kind of sweet. I may post some more at a later date but I thought that was enough for the time being. If you’d like to see more then let me know and I can certainly share more in the future.

I hate to round this off with a social media push after such a personal, reflective post. (However as I am a new freelancer building up a brand and trying to do my part to support my local creative community so I don’t really feel that bad :p ) If you enjoy the things I post, make sure to subscribe on here and also “like” my page on Facebook (LyndsayPricePoetry) and follow me on twitter. (@saltwaterpoetry)

Much love always

Lyndsay. x


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