My Top 5 Female Artists


A friend of mine recently introduced me to the singer/songwriter Jain (more on her in a minute) after taking a guess that her music would be right up my street. He was right! I was surprised by just how much her work complimented the rest of the music on my playlists. I love nothing more than discovering new music online, so I thought why not share the wealth and introduce people to some of my favourite female artists! For me, a song or artist always has more value attached if it has been recommended by a friend. With International Women’s Day being but a few days away, this post seemed very fitting! Each woman featured here not only produces great music but also ooze’s girl-power vibes. In order to find out more about these artists, I did a little research online. Interestingly, I noticed that for the majority their work seems to be described as a hybrid of several genres, with some artists (e.g Nao who we’ll get onto in a minute) even arguably creating their own genre all together! I do not think this is a coincidence. In fact I think part of the reason why I find these songs so dynamic lies in the fact that the artists seem to be creating new rules for themselves!

1. Jain

A French singer-songwriter who spent various years of her life living in Dubai, Congo-Brazzaville, Abu Dhabi and Paris; her exposure to multiple cultures clearly evident in her music which makes for a truly vibrant, individual and eclectic sound. Her music is fun and fresh.

Favourites: Lil Mama, Makeba, Come and Heads Up

2. Raye

A singer/songwriter from London with Charli XCX and Stormzy being just two of the artists she’s previously worked with. Her music is the kind I would listen to over chilled drinks with friends (if yano, I actually drank alcohol) with a real knowledge of the music industry and many different influences apparent in her work, Raye is predicted to go far! It’s hard to believe that she is just 20.

Favourites: Decline, Flowers, Bet U Wish, I, U, Us

3. Kiiara

An American singer-songwriter from Illinois and one of my favourites of the list! I came across Kiiara one day, on SoundCloud  a few years ago and haven’t looked back! Likened to Lorde, she’s another one who has been hailed for her own take on pop/rnb. I would say Kiiara’s music provides the ultimate getting-ready-to-go-out vibes.

Favourites: Feels, Whippin, Gold, Tennessee, Hang Up The Phone,

4. NAO

A british artist from Nottingham, Nao has rather famously created her own genre for herself, marked as “wonky funk” (something I’m really glad about because I don’t think I would have the words to describe her kind of sound. It’s truly unique.) Nao has a super etheric voice and her music creates an ambient atmosphere.

Favourites: Bad Blood, Girlfriend, In The Morning, she also featured on Firefly by Mura Masa

5. Ibeyi

After first hearing their song River during a D.J set in Bali; I had to make a run for my phone to jot down the lyrics, because I knew this was a song I wanted to hear again! Comprised of two French sisters, their music consists of hauntingly beautiful harmonies and colourful beats. Ibeyi’s music is soup for the soul.

Favourites: River, Mama Says, Away Away

Of course choosing only 5 here was incredibly difficult. To quickly fire off a few more names I would say; Princess Nokia, Daughter and Alessia Cara are all worth checking out, as well as London Grammar and The Internet – two bands featuring a female lead and Oh Wonder which is a male/female duo. I’d love to know who you enjoyed listening to and if you have any plans to celebrate Int. Women’s Day! As quoted by their website: “International Women’s Day is powered by the collective efforts of all”. However you chose to celebrate the female-identifying people in your life, know that every small act adds up!

See you next week where I will be talking you through my recent re-brand! In the meantime, don’t forget to check out my social media (all links on the right hand side) for more behind-the-scenes!


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