My Current Favourite Music to Write to

Ever feel like you just need some music to help you zone out? I got you covered!

My Top 5 Female Artists

  A friend of mine recently introduced me to the singer/songwriter Jain (more on her in a minute) after taking a guess that her music would be right up my street. He was right! I was surprised by just how much her work complimented the rest of the music on my playlists. I love nothingContinue reading “My Top 5 Female Artists”

How To Make Winter Less Shit

I want the “fall” that is presented to us on social media. On Pinterest fall is a flurry of good looking 20 year olds warming their hands by the rustic, aesthetically pleasing campfire during a pit-stop on their woodland road trip in their upcycled camper van. Instagram presents fall as an endless stretch of cosyContinue reading “How To Make Winter Less Shit”